ScreenFect®A-plus is a multipurpose transfection reagent for pDNA, siRNA and mRNA transfection as well as cotransfection with enhanced efficiencies in almost all cell lines also in difficult-to-transfect cells. For siRNA and mRNA transfections we provide optimized transfection reagents, ScreenFect®siRNA and ScreenFect®mRNA.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Enhanced transfection efficiencies using less reagent per transfection
  • less than 100 ng DNA needed (for one well of a 96-well plate)
  • Easy and fast optimization protocol
  • Low cytotoxity, seed and transfect cells on the same day
  • Serum compatible and no need to change media 
  • Free of animal derived components 
  • Time saving protocol for cell plating and transfection the same day or in two days 
  • Applicable in high throughput screenings



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