ScreenFect® Products

Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents are developed using patented combinatorial chemistry methods, which generates chemical libraries. Using these chemical libraries, candidate reagents are identified by high-throughput cell screening approaches. Finally, optimal reagents are further optimized for specific applications. Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents can be used for transfection of nucleic acid molecules (pDNA, siRNA, mRNA, miRNA) as well as co-transfection of combinations of these. 

ScreenFect® reagents provide excellent performance in many standard cell lines as well as difficult-to-transfect primary and stem cells. Examples of cell lines successfully transfected with ScreenFect® reagents can be found here. The following reagents are available:

Product No. Product name    Quantity Dilution buffer List price per unit

Transfection reagents

S-3001 ScreenFect®A  1 mL  50 mL 249,00 €
S-3001-2 ScreenFect®A  0,2 mL  20 mL 54,00 €
  General purpose transfection reagent with the optimal balance of transfection efficiency and toxicity for popular cell lines.
S-4001 ScreenFect®siRNA  1 mL  50 mL 349,00 €
S-4001-2 ScreenFect®siRNA  0,2 mL  20 mL 79,00 €
  Optimized for efficient, functional siRNA delivery to the cytoplasm.
S-5001 ScreenFect®mRNA  1 mL  50 mL 449,00 €
S-5001-2 ScreenFect®mRNA  0,2 mL  20 mL 94,00 €
  Reagent optimized for mRNA transfection. Cytosolic mRNA delivery is a good alternative to nuclear pDNA delivery for some cells.
S-6001 ScreenFect®A-plus  1 mL  50 mL 349,00 €
S-6001-2 ScreenFect®A-plus  0,2 mL  20 mL 79,00 €
  Transfection reagent optimized for lower consumption. The use of ScreenFect A-plus reagent is recommended in combination with SFA P-reagent.
S-1201 ScreenFect®kit  8 x 0,1 mL  2 x 50 mL 49,00 €
  Inexpensive kit containing collection of diverse transfection reagents combined with enhancers. Use this kit to identify the optimal reagent and conditions for your particular application. Then order the reagent(s) separately.
S-8010 ScreenFect®UP-293
 1 mL  50 mL 149,00 €
  Transfection reagent highly efficient for the production of antibodies and proteins in HEK suspension cells. Use in combination with ScreenFect Booster.
S-9001 ScreenFect®Green  1 mL  50 mL 349,00 €
S-9001-2 ScreenFect®Red  0,2 mL  20 mL 79,00 €
  Fluorescently labeled transfection reagents when imaging the transfection process is desired.

Transfection Enhancers and Boosters

S-7001 ScreenFect®Enhancer  0,5 mL   49,00 €
S-7001-2 ScreenFect®Enhancer  0,1 mL   39,00 €
  Use ScreenFect Enhancer to increase transfection efficiency. Suitable for primary and other cell lines.
S-1002 SFA P-reagent  0,5 mL   189,00 €
S-1002-2 SFA P-reagent  0,1 mL   69,00 €
  Use SFA P-reagent  to enhance transfection efficiency. Suitable for a variety of cell lines. SFA P-reagent can be used to enhance efficiency and reduce toxicity of ScreenFect A-plus reagent.
S-1001 ScreenFect®Booster  1 mL   49,00 €
S-1001-2 ScreenFect®Booster  5 mL   199,00 €
  Use ScreenFect Booster to increase protein or antibody expression. Recommended in combination with ScreenFect®UP-293.


S-2001-2 ScreenFect Buffer  20 mL   9,90 €
S-2001   ScreenFect Buffer  50 mL   16,90 €
  General transfection buffer.