ScreenFect® Products

Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents are developed using patented combinatorial chemistry methods, which generates chemical libraries. Using these chemical libraries, candidate reagents are identified by high-throughput cell screening approaches. Finally, optimal reagents are further optimized for specific applications. Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents can be used for transfection of nucleic acid molecules (pDNA, siRNA, mRNA, miRNA) as well as co-transfection of combinations of these. 

ScreenFect® reagents provide excellent performance in many standard cell lines as well as difficult-to-transfect primary and stem cells. Examples of cell lines successfully transfected with ScreenFect® reagents can be found here. The following reagents are available:


Product Nr. Product Name Quantity Dilution buffer List price per unit

Transfection reagents

S-3001 ScreenFect®A  1 mL  50 mL 249,00 €
S-3001-2 ScreenFect®A  0,2 mL  20 mL 54,00 €
  General purpose transfection reagent.
S-4001 ScreenFect®siRNA  1 mL  50 mL 349,00 €
S-4001-2 ScreenFect®siRNA  0,2 mL  20 mL 79,00 €
  Optimized for siRNA transfection.
S-5001 ScreenFect®mRNA  1 mL  50 mL 449,00 €
S-5001-2 ScreenFect®mRNA  0,2 mL  20 mL 94,00 €
  Reagent for mRNA transfection.
S-6001 ScreenFect®A-plus  1 mL  50 mL 349,00 €
S-6001-2 ScreenFect®A-plus  0,2 mL  20 mL 79,00 €
  Transfection reagent optimized for lower consumption. 
S-1201 ScreenFect®kit  4 x 0,1 mL  1 x 50 mL 49,00 €
  Collection of our available transfection reagents developed for various purposes. Use this collection to identify the optimal reagent for your particular application. Then order the selected reagent separately.
S-8010 ScreenFect®UP  1 mL  50 mL 149,00 €
  Transfection reagent highly efficient the production of antibodies and proteins in HEK and CHO cells. Can be used in combination with ScreenFect Booster in protein production applications to boost yield.

Transfection Booster

S-1001 ScreenFect®Booster  1 mL   49,00 €
S-1001-2 ScreenFect®Booster  5 mL   199,00 €
  ScreenFect Booster can increase protein or antibody expression. Recommended in combination with ScreenFect UP.


S-2001-2 ScreenFect Buffer  20 mL   9,90 €
S-2001   ScreenFect Buffer  50 mL   16,90 €
  General transfection buffer.