• What is the stability ScreenFect® transfection reagents?

If kept refrigerated at 4°C ScreenFect® transfection reagents' efficiency is guaranteed for at least 12 months. For optimal long term activity, remove from 4°C only for short periods when required for dilution in the provided buffer. Do not freeze the reagents.

We see no significant loss of activity with storage at room temperature for two weeks, allowing room temperature shipment.

  • How do I store ScreenFect® transfection reagents?

ScreenFect® transfection reagents should be stored at 4°C.
Do not leave for extended periods at room temperature and do not freeze.

  • How do I know that ScreenFect® transfection reagents will work for my cells?

We can provide you with a free aliquots of ScreenFect® transfection reagents for testing (offer is however limited to one sample per lab).

  • How do you calculate transfection efficiency?

We use different methods for the quantification of both efficiency and toxicity, such as fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry, luminescence readouts.