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Cell Line: PC-3
Cell Type: epithelial 
Description:  Human prostate carcinoma cells
other names: PC3, PC 3
application: mRNA
Recommendation:  ScreenFect mRNA

Recommendation based on the characteristics of ScreenFect transfection reagents.

Recommendation:  ScreenFect®mRNA

Transfection conditions*

Format: 96-well 24-well 6-well
ScreenFect volume: 0,25 µl 1,5 µl 5 µl
Amount of nucleic acid: 75 ng 300 ng 1000 ng
DNA:reagent ratio (µg:µl):  1:3 1:5 1:5
Cell number (cells/well) - - -
* The values given refer to the recommended One-Step method.
See our manual for further details: Download Manual
Transfection efficiency: - - -
Viability: - - -
ScreenFect Enhacer addition leads to the following results:      
Transefction efficiency increase: