SFA P-reagent

SFA P-reagent is an enhancer of cell transfection, which enhances transfection efficiency and reduces toxicity of transfection reagents like ScreenFect®A, ScreenFect®A-plus and also ScreenFect®UP-293.

The combination of ScreenFect®UP-293 and SFA P-reagent is a powerful tool for the transfection of suspension cell cultures and also for difficult to transfect adherent cell lines.


Advantages at a glance:

  • powerful and versatile transfection enhancer
  • increases protein yields and transfection efficiency in CHO and HEK suspension cell transfection
  • enhances the transfection efficiency of ScreenFect®UP-293 for primary cells and difficult to transfect cell lines
  • decreases cytotoxicity of ScreenFect transfection reagents
  • especially recommended in combination with ScreenFect®UP-293 and ScreenFect®A-plus