We are happy, that our first newsletter we send out on 08.08.2016 had a lot of success and get that much feedback. – Thank you for that.


Now available – our new ScreenFect® Enhancer. Improve your transfection efficiency and order your free sample, today. With ScreenFect®Enhancer you can optimize and increase your transfection efficiency. You don’t use an Incella reagent? No problem – ScreenFect® Enhancer will also work with other reagents.


New publications with ScreenFect® reagents:

-   Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome caused by splicing mutations in the PTCH1 gene

(Chise Kato, Kentaro Fujii, Yuto Arai)

-   Casein kinase 1α has an non-redundant and dominant role within the CK1 family in melanoma progression

(Tobias Sinnberg, Jun Wang, Birgit Sauer, Birgit Schittek)

A customer of our distributor in Poland, BLIRT has positive results with ScreenFect® A, transfecting of melanoma cell lines! This is the first time, that he was able to transfect this very difficult to transfect cell line.