Happy Incella customers from Portugal!


"I tested Screenfect A in two  situations:
1. To transfect primary mouse cells with pSV3neo to immortalize these lines
2. To assess expression of GFP tagged proteins  which localize to specific cellular compartments . This assessment was done by FACS and IF in primary MEFS and in cells already immortalized with ScreenfectA.
In both cases,  I had adherent cells and the procedure was very, very easy.  In the first case, I observed the first immortalized cells one week after immortalization. In the second case, I had 100x more cells transfected than when I use a competitor reagent.
Furthermore, a user on our lab reported that screenfect A yields  transfection efficiencies  similar to  the ones obtained with competitor reagents which cost 3 times more.
Our lab is definitely adopting Screenfect A as a transfection reagent for our cells."

Cláudia Campos

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência